Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Jeff Buckley

For past few years, I have been fortunate enough to meet many amazing folks who are passionate about Jeff Buckley's music while paying tribute at various concerts in Chicago, Toronto & Ann Arbor. It's helped me work through the disappointment of his passing & helped me connect to the love that still lives on through his music. Today would have marked Jeff Buckley's 48th birthday. Here are a few live performances of Jeff's songs I've done over the years including a new video dug up from the archives of Last Goodbye. I'll be with fellow tributers in spirit today. Happy Birthday Jeff, we miss you.

"Last Goodbye" by Jeff Buckley.  Live at Crazy Wisdom Tearoom in Ann Arbor, MI. 2/14/14

"So Real" by Jeff Buckley. Live @ The 15th Annual Jeff Buckley Tribute at Uncommon Ground in Chicago, IL. 11/14/12



Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tightrope Walker EP now on I-Tunes, Google Play, Bandcamp & Spotify!

So many digital channels for hearing music, so little time... that's why I've consolidated all my links to my debut EP Tightrope Walker for you right here! : ) Hopefully your preferred download site is listed here, if not how about suggesting it in the comments below? Please help me spread these links & music out into the world! Thanks again for supporting independent artists!

Tightrope Walker EP on


Google Play:



: )


Friday, September 12, 2014

The Hero's Journey & Why it matters now more than ever

Back in college, I had a wonderful children's literature instructor that turned me on to the work of Joseph Campbell & Carl Jung. In the series, The Power of Myth, (based on his work in the book The Hero with a Thousand Faces) Campbell sat down with Bill Moyers and discussed the common themes, archetypes and story arcs of what he called "the monomyth". I was in awe as Campbell broke down ancient stories such as Gilgamesh & The Iliad, & connected them with modern day myths such Star Wars & The Wizard of Oz:

Recurring themes such as the CALL TO ADVENTURE, THE REFUSAL OF THE CALL & THE BELLY OF THE BEAST came up time and time again in all shapes and sizes and through out cultures that had no way of communicating with one another. As I studied further, I started making connections to my own life and found a well spring of human experience to draw upon for my art as well as my sanity in dealing with the ups & downs that came with the various stages of life. I started recognizing the recurring characters in my life, WISE MENTORS, THRESHOLD GUARDIANS & SHAPESHIFTERS, the various psychological masks that we all wear at different points in time. It helped me find connection and most importantly hope during times when things seemed the bleakest

In a modern age where information is coming at us at a pace that is hard to process & life becomes more & more automated, it is of great value being able to take a step back and see how we fit into the great human drama & find a sense of timelessness in our shared cultural stories. The Hero's Journey provides us with a center, a deep well of shared experience that helps us recognize our rites of passage and keeps us pushing forward on the road of life.

Want to learn more about the Hero's Journey? Join me for a six week class through the Ann Arbor Rec & Ed that focuses exclusively on the Hero's Journey & how to apply it's themes to your life & your art! Class starts Tues. 9/16!

Creative Writing: The Hero's Journey

Drawing from the depth psychology of Carl Jung and the mythic studies of Joseph Campbell, the hero's journey can be a valuable road map for any aspiring writer or artist. In this class you will explore the common structural elements found universally in myths, fairy tales, dreams, and movies. Through the study of stories such as The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, and Harry Potter, you uncover techniques that will make your work timeless. Instructor: Spencer Michaud. 6 weeks. Tues. 3-5pm SESSION 1: 9/16 – 10/21, SESSION 2: 11/4 – 12/9 Tuition: $125 per session

FREE Musician Community Building Workshop: Mon. 9/15

Recently I was asked by my good friend, local music DJ & promoter, Matthew Altruda from 107.1 FM's Treetown Sound to appear on a panel discussion session & networking opportunity for local musicians in the Ann Arbor area. I have appeared on Matthew's radio show a number of times and really appreciate all that he does for our local music scene. On Monday, Sept.15th we will be sitting down with other local musician, talent buyers & booking agents to discuss how to make sense of this Wild West known as the music business & what steps you can take to find the right kind of success for you. This is a FREE workshop and a great opportunity to meet other people in the industry! Won't you join us?

Musician Community Building Workshop.

FREE // 7PM to 9PM - 9/15

Espresso Royale 214 S Main St, Ann Arbor.

Open discussion about moving forward in the music business. Topics will included booking, festivals, touring, networking, money, youtube, social media and all of your questions. This is also a networking opportunity to meet other musicians and spread your music.

Hosted by Matthew Altruda- Sonic Lunch & Tree Town Sound hosted by Matthew Altruda 6PM Sundays 107one FM


Jason Berry- Talent Buyer - Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI

Ashley Flohr- Account Manager for Music & Live Events for Google

Jeff May- Booking agent for Fleming Artists

Randall Moore- Musician & Management for The Ragbirds

Spencer Michaud- Musician & Washtenaw Community College Instructor.

Friday, September 5, 2014


Hi Folks!

Whirlwind happenings around here! This is truly going to be a great fall. I'm happy to announce that my new EP Tightrope Walker is now officially out digitally and in final physical form! It's been a long journey to this point and I am extremely grateful for all of your encouragement and support. I am blessed to have so many great people in my community! : )

I have released the digital version first on Bandcamp & you can download it here:

Please help me spread the word by sharing the link to your friends and on your social media platforms! Since I am releasing this independently, YOU are my best advocates for spreading this music to the world! Thank you in advance, your check is in the mail. ; )

I will also have brand new physical copies of the EP TONIGHT for sale at my show at the Crazy WisdomTearoom in Ann Arbor. The show starts at 8:30pm & is FREE / ALL AGES. Please join me in celebrating this long-awaited accomplishment!

I also want to let you know that I am in the process of trying to get the title track from the EP in a new movie coming out next fall about Philippe Petit & the World Trade Center Walk starring Joseph-Gordan Levitt & directed by Robert Zemeckis. It's called The Walk & you can help! Please follow their twitter account: & tweet them this link for Tightrope Walker, asking to put the song in the film! We'll get this thing in there grass-roots style! : )

Last but not least, I will be teaching a number of classes through AnnArbor Rec & Ed this fall! I would love for you to join me as we explore a wide range of subjects and expand our collective consciousness together! Offerings include: Guitar, Songwriting, Astrology, & *NEW THIS SEMSTER*: Modern Music Business: DIY & Creative Writing Workshop: The Hero's Journey. Classes will be at Pioneer High school in Ann Arbor & will start Sept. 16th. Check out the link below for complete information & registration:

Thanks again for all your support!



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BOOM! Full 4 song Tightrope Walker EP now available for Download!!

Here it is folks! The full 4 song Tightrope Walker EP available for download at:

All Songs Written by Spencer Michaud
Produced by Spencer Michaud & Ross Federman
Recorded by Jim Roll @ Backseat Productions, Ann Arbor, MI
Mixed by Jim Roll
Additional Mixing by Ross Federman
Mastered by Roman Vail @ JLM Mastering, Brooklyn, NY
Album Art by Tanya Andrews & Betsy King
Album Layout by Midwinter Design

Spencer Michaud: vocals, guitars, keyboards
Graham Lapp: bass
Gabriel Craft: drums
Alex Belhaj: keyboards, organ, guitar
Zach Nichols: horns, bowed saw
Erin Zindle: violin
Kevin Morgan: background vocals
Brent Hegwood: background vocals
Jim Roll: banjo
Mike Boyd: guitar
Ross Federman: additional percussion & effects

CC-BY-SA 2014 Spencer Michaud

Thank you to everyone who made this possible & supported me throughout this project and my creative endeavors up to this point. It is truly humbling to be a part of such an amazing community of people. Special thanks to all the generous kickstarter backers, to my Mom & Jim, Dad & Gail, Tanya, Sophie, and Ross for getting me to the finish line. 

Kickstarter Backers:

The Dirty Birds, Swanna Saltiel, Jim Roll, Charlene Kaye, Jenny Jones, The Ragbirds, Michelle Fortin & Patrick Racine, Todd Kessler, Appleseed Collective, Pamela Mennel, Kitty McGarry, Michelle Dow, The Longest Day of the Year, Matthew Neagle, Jennifer Steinmann Ross, Matt & Jess McCumons, Joe Arozarena, Sarah E. Nugent, Eve Povolo, Melissa Andrews, Susan Aitken, Alessandra Noelting, Mary Reilly, Susie Keat, Staley Krause, James Aitken, Frances Ross, Michael Riley, Brent Hegwood, Roseann Milano, Caitlin, Amy, Mike Michaud, BJ Walraven, Tanya Andrews, Paul Capling

This music is licensed under Creative Commons: CC-BY-SA which supports your freedom to share & be creative with this work as long as you include original credit (attribution) & use this license (share-alike). Please help spread this music to the world! Thank you for supporting independent art!

Additional Media, Merchandise, Tour info & updates can be found at:

Artist Website:

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ann Arbor Rec & Ed Classes w/ Spencer Michaud

Registration is now open for a number of personal enrichment classes that I will be teaching through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed this summer! I am so excited to be working with a great organization like Rec & Ed and have the opportunity to help people achieve their creative dreams. : ) Check out this article by David Fitch from the Washtenaw Voice if you are curious about my teaching style!:

Below you will find courses that I am offering and links to register. Classes begin June 18th and go for 6 weeks.  Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

Guitar for Beginners 9th Grade - Adult:

Grade 9-Adult. Calling all aspiring guitarists! Whether you are a future rock god, jazz cat or campfire strummer, basic fundamentals and a strong foundation in technique is essential. Gain the beginning skills you need to launch your musical dream! You learn how to make easy chord shapes, strumming patterns and basic music theory that can be applied to almost any style of music. Sign up today to improve your string knowledge! Instructor: Spencer Michaud is an experienced songwriter, performer and teacher. 6 weeks. Mondays 6-7pm, 6/23-7/28 Tuition: $95

Songwriting Workshop:

Grade 9-Adult. Do you have a song to share with the world? Explore what makes a song great. Build the skills and confidence necessary to turn your ideas into finished and fully realized songs. You study the basic concepts of lyric, melody, harmony and rhythm. Structured activities help you beat writers block and become more prolific. Open to beginners and seasoned songwriters alike. Students are encouraged to bring their instruments, but no previous experience or instrumental knowledge is necessary to benefit from this class. Instructor: Spencer Michaud is an experienced songwriter, performer and teacher. 6 weeks. Mondays 7:15-9pm, 6/23-7/28, Tuition: $135

Creative Writing Workshop:

Whether you have the heart of a poet, the visionary imagination of an author or just words in your head that are screaming to get out, this class is for you! Conquer that writer's block once and for all with an array of in-class writing exercises, thoughtful discussions and confidence building creative writing techniques. Over the span of six weeks you will focus on creating a meaningful story arc, writing from your senses and courting your inner muse. Instructor: Spencer Michaud. 6 weeks. No class 7/9. Wednesdays Noon-2pm, 6/18-7/30, Tuition: $125


Astrology is much more than a horoscope in a newspaper! It is an ancient language that can help you understand yourself and the world around you. Explore the major symbolic components of Astrology including planets, signs, elements and aspects. Gain a better understanding of how to read a basic natal chart. Learn highly effective techniques for identifying your own unique talents and inner wisdom. Instructor: Spencer Michaud. 6 weeks. No class 7/9. Wednesdays 2:30-4pm, 6/18-7/30, Tuition: $95

Upcoming shows in June:

6.12.14 - Pittsfield Township Farmers Market - 4pm

6.19.14 - Chelsea Sounds & Sights - 6:30pm

6.25.14 - Ann Arbor Summer Festival: Grove Stage - 6pm

6.27.14 - Yellow Barn - 7pm