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The Story of Slomo: Skating the New Moon Solar Eclipse

A good friend of mine posted a video today of Dr. John Kitchin AKA; “Slomo”. Slomo is a skater, a former medical professional who quit a lucrative career to cruise the sunny beach boardwalks of San Diego, her post was titled “do what you want”: 

Slomo is presented as a former “asshole” (as he puts it), pursing the capitalist dream until that mostly materialistic venture felt hollow and empty as it often does when, as they say you: “get to the bottom of your 3rd BMW”. Adam Elenbaas refers to this as: “WIFI signaling.” Our spirits are sending out impulses of desire hoping to attach to some kind of signal that will open up the flow of inspiration. Sometimes we latch onto material things to complete our open-ended circuit, sometimes if we are lucky, we find something more eternal.
On the surface, Slomo's story could be viewed as one man's of triumph over the lure of materialistic signal steeplechase, a gliding septuagenarian who has tapped into the universal flow-state. He look…

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