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TRANSPARENT MARKETING 101: Spencer's Ann Arbor Rec & Ed Guitar Classes Edition

TRANSPARENT MARKETING 101: Spencer's Ann Arbor Rec & Ed BEGINNING GUITAR Class Edition

STEP 1: CREATE RAPPORT: You know what really frustrates me? Learning complicated things on my own without a solid accountability partner. : ( Anyone else ever feel that way? Especially musical instruments, man I remember when those strings really used hurt my fingers & I just always felt overwhelmed with the gap between my ability level & my taste...that SUCKED! Would have been nice to have someone friendly show me the way, am I right?

STEP 2: OFFER BENEFITS: Well, after years of patience and practice, (and, yes, a few helpful teachers) I have somewhat managed to acquire a few callouses, learn some useful techniques and somewhat close that gap. Now I want to help you do the same. Together we can learn the fundamentals of guitar from the ground up, including strumming technique, chord shapes and basic music theory that will have you playing your favorite songs in no time. We also focus …

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