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Uranus in Taurus / UAC 2018

Uranus in Taurus

This past week was a big one as far as the current astrological weather goes. We had a number of planets ingress, or move into a new sign, including Uranus (on May 15th), which only changes signs every 7 years. While other planets ingress into new signs every few days (the moon), or months (Mars, Venus, Sun), Uranus is one of the slower moving Trans-Saturnian (outside of saturn's orbit) planets that affects us in a much more collective way. That's not to say that you won't feel it individually, because you most certainly will!

Uranus has been associated with circumstances that shock us out of a crystallized pattern. If Saturn is responsible for creating the boundaries & structures, Uranus is responsible for shattering ones that have outlived their usefulness. Sometimes, it comes on like a lightning bolt or an earthquake. More often than not, it is an unpredictable, disruptive influence.

For the past seven years, Uranus has been passing throu…

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