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Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: AKA Swedish Metal Aid

November 10th, 1985.
In a sea of hairspray, shoulder pads and spandex, the lights dim in a dark Scandinavian studio. A few shimmering notes spill out of the grand synth piano and a landmark moment in hair metal history is born. This my friends is Swedish Metal Aid: 

As the lovely lady Venus takes her turn in Mars' nocturnal temple in anticipation of her Oct. 5th retrograde cycle, we are reminded of that glorious moment in 1985, when, ironically enough, she was also paying a visit to Scorpio's passionate abode. That particular year, rock n' roll decided it was going to rise up from the white lines on their collective hotel room coffee table mirrors and “save the world”.
Famine was running rampant in Ethiopia, and the success of American humanitarian efforts such as “We Are The World” and “Don't They Know It's Christmas” inspired young Europe frontman Joey Tempest to don his black tights and cowl and like the Dark Knight, become “The Hero that Ethiopia deserved, but …

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