Spencer Michaud is a professional astrologer who focuses on self-actualization and empowerment. He uses an interdisciplinary approach incorporating both modern & traditional (Hellenistic) chart-reading techniques as well as numerology, tarot, and archetypal storytelling. His readings focus on actionable, grounded wisdom utilizing the power of choice and transcendence to help you find the hero within. Spencer has over fifteen years' experience studying the ancient wisdom traditions and symbolic languages.

Natal readings are generally 90 mins in length, you will need to send your birthday, birth place and an accurate birth time. Please check your birth certificate for this information if you are able. The more accurate your birth time, the more data we'll have to work with in your reading. In addition, a few focus questions sent with your birth information will help our session be as productive as possible.  Readings are offered in person or via a video conferencing program such as zoom, facetime or skype. Call or email today to set up an appointment!

Current rate is $50 per half hour.

Contact Spencer at or 734-834-2990.

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