"I found my consultation with Spencer to be very helpful. He is a caring and considerate astrologer. He will carefully walk you through your reading and explain many of the difficult astrological themes with concrete examples that help you understand what has happened or is going to happen. He patiently answers all of your questions. If you need an astrological guide, Spencer is it." - Jon B.


"Having had natal readings in the past, Spencer's reading was by far the most in-depth, constructive, helpful and thorough. His patient, soulful counseling style, impeccable astrological knowledge, and the true interest he shows when reading your chart is honorable. He offers a wide range of astrological services to fit everyone's needs and I was able to schedule a reading quickly and effortlessly through his website. If you are a student of astrology he offers much appreciated tutoring services. Spencer Michaud is like a cosmos medium delivering the messages from stars." - Jodie E. Arrington


"Spencer addressed the issues I asked about, but his reading went beyond this. Deeper and more multifaceted than I expected. He was empathetic and understanding. I left the session with a clearer sense of purpose and lots to ponder going forward." - Craig E.


 "Spencer is extremely thorough and patient with questions. I appreciated the layers of the reading (tarot, spirit animal, etc). I would definitely recommend him for both students of astrology and to those who know nothing about astrology." - Pamela C.

Webinars / Classes:

"Spencer's webinars are filled with value. He has a very soulful teaching style and not only are his lessons extremely thorough, but also very intriguing, catching your interest and holding it there to the end. I definitely want to sign up for more of his webinars." - Jodie E. Arrington


"Spencer offers in depth knowledge organized and readily accessible. Ready to answer any question, he keeps to topic and fills his workshops with fascinating and very useful material easily applied to many types of astrological work. I look forward to working with Spencer much more in the future!" - Beth W.

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