Spencer Michaud is a narrative singer-songwriter that uses an elastic tenor voice to cover an incredible range of genres and emotions. He draws upon the ghosts of motown, tin-pan alley and the folk tradition to create a sound that is both theatrical and sincere. Michaud is a regular performer at the Jeff Buckley Tribute concerts held annually at Uncommon Ground in Chicago, IL. In 2014 Michaud released his debut EP, Tightrope Walker. He currently teaches guitar and songwriting in the Ann Arbor, MI area.

What others are saying:

"Spencer Michaud creates magic and stories with his lyrics, weaving spells and pulling the audience into his world like a singing Harry Potter. He's a versatile, chameleon-like singer who can channel the dreamy, poetic passion of Jeff Buckley, the haunting edginess of Nick Drake, the rocker good-time vibe of Nick Lowe and the intensity of John Lennon. "

-Susie Keat
 SQD Arts Managment

"Justin Timberlake voice with a classic singer-songwriter guitar. Thoughtful lyrics and arrangements forcing you to be sucked into the story of the song."

-Chris Phillips

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