Spencer Michaud is a narrative singer-songwriter that uses an elastic tenor voice to cover an incredible range of genres and emotions. He draws upon the ghosts of motown, tin-pan alley and the folk tradition to create a sound that is both theatrical and sincere. Michaud is a regular performer at the Jeff Buckley Tribute concerts held annually at Uncommon Ground in Chicago, IL. In 2014 Michaud released his debut EP, Tightrope Walker.


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"Spencer Michaud creates magic and stories with his lyrics, weaving spells and pulling the audience into his world like a singing Harry Potter. He's a versatile, chameleon-like singer who can channel the dreamy, poetic passion of Jeff Buckley, the haunting edginess of Nick Drake, the rocker good-time vibe of Nick Lowe and the intensity of John Lennon. "

-Susie Keat
 SQD Arts Managment

"Justin Timberlake voice with a classic singer-songwriter guitar. Thoughtful lyrics and arrangements forcing you to be sucked into the story of the song."

-Chris Phillips

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