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Tracking Moon Transits

The Moon, aka: Luna, Selene, Sin or Chandra. She is the goddess of changing face. The fickle queen of the night sect. As the fastest moving body in the heavens, the silver luminary gives us the unique opportunity to measure the quality of time and test our findings daily. Tracking Moon transits is one of the most effective ways to see how certain patterns and energies play out in the natal chart with the benefit of immediacy. Outer planet transits can take months or even years to manifest, but Moon transits pass in the span of hours and days. Generally we experience these fast-moving lunar contacts as passing moods or minor irritations, but often the moon will also act as a trigger. Like a revolving music box cylinder, Luna becomes the pin that strikes the tuned planetary teeth of the natal chart, unleashing the promise it holds within it.  In addition to tracking energetic peak points such as the new, full, first and last quarter phases, it can be helpful to keep a running log of whe…

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