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The Astrology of March 2024

YOUTUBE LIVESTREAM: THE ASTROLOGY OF MARCH 2024 . Join Spencer Michaud on YOUTUBE LIVE, Fri. 2/23, 1pm ET, as we explore The Astrology of March 2024, finding meaning through an exploration of Decanic Tarot, Fixed Stars, and the I-Ching.   .   . Visit Third Coast Mojo: . 20% OFF Pisces Decans Webinar: . Please like, subscribe, and share! . Finding value in these videos? Help Spencer keep creating content by buying him a coffee! Thank you for your support! :) . Buy me a coffee: . Venmo: @spencermichaud . PayPal Me: . Thank you for supporting your local astrologer! :) . Book a reading / tutoring session: . Subscribe to the Newsletter: . Instagram: . Twitter:  https:

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