Thursday, October 27, 2011

KICKSTARTER UPDATE / Tightrope Walker Video!!

Hi Folks!

Here is another track from my upcoming Debut EP "The Hero with 1000 Faces" This song is about a man who tightrope walked across the twin towers in 1974!!! I wrote this song after seeing the movie "Man on Wire", it was quite an inspiration!!

Check out the video here:

Also, we've reached the half-way mark in our Kickstarter campaign with two weeks to go. So far we've raised $1350 of our $5000 goal. Have you pledged yet? A BIG THANK YOU!!! if you have, we couldn't do this without YOU. You can continue to support the cause by spreading the word to friends, family, on facebook and to the world at large!! It really does take a team effort to do this and I'm glad you're on my side. Please visit & share the link below!!
Looking forward to putting an amazing album in your hands in the very near future!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Here it is folks!! The day has finally arrived for the launch of my KICKSTARTER campaign to help raise funds to record my DEBUT EP!!! I am so excited to be taking the leap and finally getting some recorded music into your hands. The greatest part is YOU CAN HELP!! Here's the deal: We have 30 days to raise $5000. It's all or nothing. If we raise the full amount your pledge goes through and we have our recording budget and it gets made!! If not (sad trombone), we get nothing and it's back to the drawing board. : ( But this isn't just charity. Click the link below to donate to the cause and you will receive AWESOME PERKS: 

I've included advance digital downloads, signed copies of the EP, magic rocks, access to behind the scenes footage, autographed kazoos, music lessons, songs written about YOU and a house concert!! Thank you for your continuing support over the years, these are exciting times!!!

: )