KICKSTARTER UPDATE / Tightrope Walker Video!!

Hi Folks!

Here is another track from my upcoming Debut EP "The Hero with 1000 Faces" This song is about a man who tightrope walked across the twin towers in 1974!!! I wrote this song after seeing the movie "Man on Wire", it was quite an inspiration!!

Check out the video here:

Also, we've reached the half-way mark in our Kickstarter campaign with two weeks to go. So far we've raised $1350 of our $5000 goal. Have you pledged yet? A BIG THANK YOU!!! if you have, we couldn't do this without YOU. You can continue to support the cause by spreading the word to friends, family, on facebook and to the world at large!! It really does take a team effort to do this and I'm glad you're on my side. Please visit & share the link below!!
Looking forward to putting an amazing album in your hands in the very near future!



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