Make Your Creative Dreams Real


I am sitting here fresh off of reading a few chapters in the book "Make Your Creative Dreams Real" by SARK. I was inspired to write a blog entry after reading about her concept of "micromovements", which are 5 sec to 5 minute actions you can take toward your creative dream.

This is my first!

This website has been lying dormant for a few months, waiting for me to add fancy graphics and write something inspiring. Today I decided to just sit down and share my process hoping that it would trigger some kind of movement. I recently saw a movie called Julie and Julia about Julia Child and a woman who wrote a blog about trying to make it through her entire cookbook in a year. One thing I found interesting was that when she felt stuck, she went directly to her computer and wrote about being stuck. Sometimes just admitting that you are having trouble gets you going again.

This website was intended to be a gateway for my music, but I think it is evolving in front of my eyes into something different. Maybe more than just a "Musicians website", this can be a page about a musicians / artists process. A public gateway into the mind of a guy struggling to overcome his own hesitation and put himself out there. I have had various levels of success with my music for over 10 years now, but I have always felt an inner reluctance and perfectionism that has prevented me from fully realizing what I perceive to be my potential. I constantly felt overwhelmed by the BIG PICTURE and psyched myself out by trying to do it all once or by getting lost in the scope of the endeavor. What I have learned from that behavior is to take one day at a time and build things step by step.

So, today here is a first step. Maybe tomorrow I will add some fancy graphics!!!



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