KICKSTARTER UPDATE: One Day Left to Pledge!!!

Hi Friends,
We broke $2000!!! THANK YOU : ) I believe in the miraculous happening. We have 26 hours to make this dream come true. Can we mobilize and raise $3000 of our remaining $5000 goal in one day??? Remember the way kickstarter works is the funding is all or nothing. Either we raise the full $5000 or we get nothing.  If you haven't done so already, are you able to help out by clicking the link below and pledging your support? Every little bit helps and there are lots of reward packages to choose from:
I am overwhelmed by all the support so far...I would love the opportunity to reward your faith in me and get this music into your hands. Whatever happens, I am grateful for all of you and humbled by the amount of generosity that I have experienced. No artist is an island and to be truly great it takes a supportive and loving community. Thank you for being mine.



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