EP Update: Drums & Bass Recorded!!

Hi Friends!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on our progress here with the EP.  I know I have been quiet since the kickstarter funding ended, but don't mistake my silence for lack of progress! The band and I have been working very hard in pre-production the past few months and recently recorded drums and bass tracks this past Friday at Backseat Productions with the magic man himself Jim Roll.

The Jimmer

Our meticulous preparation paid off in the most efficient recording session we could have hoped for!!  We got a total of 5 songs recorded in just over 6 hours!!! I have the pleasure of working with two very talented and dedicated musicians in Gabriel Craft and Graham Lapp.  These guys are pros and sounded AMAZING! I am very excited for the foundation we laid for the rest of the tracks.

Where the magic happens!!

Right now we are working out guitar parts and will soon be doing vocals.  Recording can be a long process, but I think taking our time and doing it right will be the best way towards success. Patience does have its rewards!!

I will try and keep you guys more in the loop as we get further along in the process. I hope to have an album in your hands by the time the snow melts!! Thanks again for helping me to live this long-held dream. I couldn't have started this project without all of you!! I hope this is just the beginning of great things to come. : )

The Joy of Living The Dream



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