Tightrope Walker EP Mastering Sessions / Release Notes

Hi Friends,

Check out this video for the mastering sessions for my upcoming debut EP "Tightrope Walker"! A big thanks to Roman Vail at Joe Lambert Mastering in Brooklyn, NY for his skill and expertise! : ) Also wanted to give a shout out to Ross Federman for sitting in on the session and recording this video. Ross has been doing some amazing production work with this EP and has been instrumental in moving the project towards completion. Thanks Roman & Ross!! : )

Here's a sneak peak at the EP cover done by the amazing Tanya Andrews!

Right now I am researching and preparing for the most effective way to do an independent EP release. Been giving a lot of consideration to releasing the work under a creative commons license to make it available to the most amount of people possible without the restrictions of a traditional copyright. As this artist paradigm is relatively new, I am making sure I educate myself thoroughly. I will try to share as much of my findings here as I can!  If you would like to read more about creative commons and "freeing your work" I suggest visiting Nina Paley's site:


She has been at the forefront of the "free culture" movement and found great success with a non-traditional release of her movie "Sita Sings the Blues".

I will do my best to keep you all updated on my progress!! I am hoping to have an official release of the EP some time in early 2014!! Thank you for all your support through this journey. It really does take a village to make things of value and I am grateful to have a community like you! : )


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