Ann Arbor Rec & Ed Classes w/ Spencer Michaud

Registration is now open for a number of personal enrichment classes that I will be teaching through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed this summer! I am so excited to be working with a great organization like Rec & Ed and have the opportunity to help people achieve their creative dreams. : ) Check out this article by David Fitch from the Washtenaw Voice if you are curious about my teaching style!:

Below you will find courses that I am offering and links to register. Classes begin June 18th and go for 6 weeks.  Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

Guitar for Beginners 9th Grade - Adult:

Grade 9-Adult. Calling all aspiring guitarists! Whether you are a future rock god, jazz cat or campfire strummer, basic fundamentals and a strong foundation in technique is essential. Gain the beginning skills you need to launch your musical dream! You learn how to make easy chord shapes, strumming patterns and basic music theory that can be applied to almost any style of music. Sign up today to improve your string knowledge! Instructor: Spencer Michaud is an experienced songwriter, performer and teacher. 6 weeks. Mondays 6-7pm, 6/23-7/28 Tuition: $95

Songwriting Workshop:

Grade 9-Adult. Do you have a song to share with the world? Explore what makes a song great. Build the skills and confidence necessary to turn your ideas into finished and fully realized songs. You study the basic concepts of lyric, melody, harmony and rhythm. Structured activities help you beat writers block and become more prolific. Open to beginners and seasoned songwriters alike. Students are encouraged to bring their instruments, but no previous experience or instrumental knowledge is necessary to benefit from this class. Instructor: Spencer Michaud is an experienced songwriter, performer and teacher. 6 weeks. Mondays 7:15-9pm, 6/23-7/28, Tuition: $135

Creative Writing Workshop:

Whether you have the heart of a poet, the visionary imagination of an author or just words in your head that are screaming to get out, this class is for you! Conquer that writer's block once and for all with an array of in-class writing exercises, thoughtful discussions and confidence building creative writing techniques. Over the span of six weeks you will focus on creating a meaningful story arc, writing from your senses and courting your inner muse. Instructor: Spencer Michaud. 6 weeks. No class 7/9. Wednesdays Noon-2pm, 6/18-7/30, Tuition: $125


Astrology is much more than a horoscope in a newspaper! It is an ancient language that can help you understand yourself and the world around you. Explore the major symbolic components of Astrology including planets, signs, elements and aspects. Gain a better understanding of how to read a basic natal chart. Learn highly effective techniques for identifying your own unique talents and inner wisdom. Instructor: Spencer Michaud. 6 weeks. No class 7/9. Wednesdays 2:30-4pm, 6/18-7/30, Tuition: $95

Upcoming shows in June:

6.12.14 - Pittsfield Township Farmers Market - 4pm

6.19.14 - Chelsea Sounds & Sights - 6:30pm

6.25.14 - Ann Arbor Summer Festival: Grove Stage - 6pm

6.27.14 - Yellow Barn - 7pm

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