BOOM! Full 4 song Tightrope Walker EP now available for Download!!

Here it is folks! The full 4 song Tightrope Walker EP available for download at:

All Songs Written by Spencer Michaud
Produced by Spencer Michaud & Ross Federman
Recorded by Jim Roll @ Backseat Productions, Ann Arbor, MI
Mixed by Jim Roll
Additional Mixing by Ross Federman
Mastered by Roman Vail @ JLM Mastering, Brooklyn, NY
Album Art by Tanya Andrews & Betsy King
Album Layout by Midwinter Design

Spencer Michaud: vocals, guitars, keyboards
Graham Lapp: bass
Gabriel Craft: drums
Alex Belhaj: keyboards, organ, guitar
Zach Nichols: horns, bowed saw
Erin Zindle: violin
Kevin Morgan: background vocals
Brent Hegwood: background vocals
Jim Roll: banjo
Mike Boyd: guitar
Ross Federman: additional percussion & effects

CC-BY-SA 2014 Spencer Michaud

Thank you to everyone who made this possible & supported me throughout this project and my creative endeavors up to this point. It is truly humbling to be a part of such an amazing community of people. Special thanks to all the generous kickstarter backers, to my Mom & Jim, Dad & Gail, Tanya, Sophie, and Ross for getting me to the finish line. 

Kickstarter Backers:

The Dirty Birds, Swanna Saltiel, Jim Roll, Charlene Kaye, Jenny Jones, The Ragbirds, Michelle Fortin & Patrick Racine, Todd Kessler, Appleseed Collective, Pamela Mennel, Kitty McGarry, Michelle Dow, The Longest Day of the Year, Matthew Neagle, Jennifer Steinmann Ross, Matt & Jess McCumons, Joe Arozarena, Sarah E. Nugent, Eve Povolo, Melissa Andrews, Susan Aitken, Alessandra Noelting, Mary Reilly, Susie Keat, Staley Krause, James Aitken, Frances Ross, Michael Riley, Brent Hegwood, Roseann Milano, Caitlin, Amy, Mike Michaud, BJ Walraven, Tanya Andrews, Paul Capling

This music is licensed under Creative Commons: CC-BY-SA which supports your freedom to share & be creative with this work as long as you include original credit (attribution) & use this license (share-alike). Please help spread this music to the world! Thank you for supporting independent art!

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