History Repeats Itself

 History repeats itself. The world and collective consciousness moves in a spiral, in cycles that repeat themselves but from a different and greater vantage point. It seems we are at a boiling point in American & world history.

From a historical perspective it feels very much like the 60's, a time of political unrest, a fight for civil rights & an expanded awareness of the violence perpetuated at home & abroad. Remember that Vietnam was the first war that really seeped into the American consciousness via Television broadcasts. Now we have an expanded version of that technology in the internet. Now we can get -in the moment- updates from countless sources & events. It's all just bigger, more, all the time....it inspires Tension, with a capital T.

In the 60's that same tension gave birth to music, art & cooperative movements the likes of which the world had never seen. (Unless of course you go back into history and look at other boiling points & the creativity that was born from those times as well.)

The point being, we have an opportunity. An opportunity to fulfill the holey unfulfilled promises of the light-workers of the 60's counter-culture movements; the peace, the love, the equality...the expansion of awareness...it's all there for us to bring into existence. But like most things, sometimes it can be quite a struggle to birth it. It requires the labor pains, and the extraordinary effort of it's mother. It's mother is us. It's mother is you. 

Sometimes rebirth requires a dismantling of outdated structures...everything in this world has a shelf-life, even ideas! Impermanence is about the only thing you can count on, but decay is the first step towards growth. It's necessary! It's food for the eventual new life that keeps on cycling on the planet.

All that pain...all that violence...all that uncertainty...let it feed you, but don't become it. Let it be the pressure that inspires you to burst through the soil-surface of change. Let it inspire you to make art, to write & sing songs, to join with your fellow human beings and rebuild outdated physical and emotional structures.

Let it inspire you to listen, maybe for the first time in your life, to the experiences of the other...whoever that other happens to be. Step outside your own bubble and learn...empathy. That's what really makes us human, the capacity for empathy.

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