The Story of Slomo: Skating the New Moon Solar Eclipse

A good friend of mine posted a video today of Dr. John Kitchin AKA; “Slomo”. Slomo is a skater, a former medical professional who quit a lucrative career to cruise the sunny beach boardwalks of San Diego, her post was titled “do what you want”: 

Slomo is presented as a former “asshole” (as he puts it), pursing the capitalist dream until that mostly materialistic venture felt hollow and empty as it often does when, as they say you: “get to the bottom of your 3rd BMW”. Adam Elenbaas refers to this as: “WIFI signaling.” Our spirits are sending out impulses of desire hoping to attach to some kind of signal that will open up the flow of inspiration. Sometimes we latch onto material things to complete our open-ended circuit, sometimes if we are lucky, we find something more eternal.

On the surface, Slomo's story could be viewed as one man's of triumph over the lure of materialistic signal steeplechase, a gliding septuagenarian who has tapped into the universal flow-state. He looks...happy, his inner 11 year old is smiling. He slaps hands and poses for selfies with other sun-kissed San Diegans, he lifts one baby boomer leg into the wind and spreads his arms like a great soaring American Eagle. I want to like Slomo, I want to believe in his dream. But, I have questions. Many, many questions...

This Thursday, at 10:48pm EST we will be experiencing a New Moon Solar eclipse in the tropical sign of Cancer. Tropical signs (also referred to as “cardinal” in modern astrology) are initiators of a season, they represent movement, beginnings, new impulses and conditions rising up and trying to take form. Solar eclipses can be thought of as super-charged new moons, normally a time itself of initiation, beginnings and seed planting. They are chapter markers, setting the tone for the next weeks, months and sometimes years to follow. The combination of the new moon, the eclipse and it falling in a growth-focused sign such as Cancer, all point to an extremely fertile and potent time. 
Four of Cups

This particular lunation falls at 20º Cancer, which is the beginning of the sign's third decan (or 10º subdivision). Each decan has it's own planetary ruler and imagery. Austin Coppock's wonderful book, 36 Faces, describes this traditionally moon-ruled decan as “the overflowing cup”. It is associated with the Four of Cups (in it we see an image of a man sitting under a tree, three cups in front of him, his arms crossed refusing a proffered fourth cup) in the Tarot. Themes that Austin present in this decan speak to: luxury vs. scarcity, attainment for one at the cost of another, and questions of “if our cup is overfilled, what do we do with the excess?” 

The new moon solar eclipse will also be directly opposed by Pluto at 20º Capricorn. This brings us back to our friend Slomo, his story resonated as a pertinent allegory for this lunation cycle. If the new moon eclipse is bringing us opportunities to pursue a dream, to initiate a new state of being or perhaps even a new identity, what will be the cost? What seedy, under-belly power structure within us or the society we are a part of, will be exposed as we chase luxury, status or even freedom. 
Dr. Kitchin's story has some beautiful moments for sure, it's admirable that he recognized the need to reach out for something greater than material wealth, that he was happiest with simplicity and being in the flow state. But if we dig a little deeper, is his freedom available to everyone? Are we truly able to just “Do what we want?” Did Dr. Kitchin's decades of status, and acquired wealth allow him the luxury and privilege of skating his days away on a San Diego boardwalk living in a beachfront studio apartment? Is he using his resources in service of his fellow man? Perhaps he is. Perhaps his joy is enough. My goal here is not to judge Dr. Kitchin for his choices, but merely to raise the questions that may come up as you feel new impulses this week:

- What are the ramifications of your dream? 
- What is it's purpose in the greater scheme of things? 
- What benefits and in turn, collateral damage would it induce?

- What power structures greater than yourself must you face in this pursuit?

- Will you come across an “inconvenient truth”?

- Does someone have to “lose” for you to “win”?

- How do you deal with the deep gurgling underworld impulses that could bubble to the surface?

- Has the community / society that you are a part of gifted you with an advantage? 
- If so, how do you wield it? Should you?

- How do you deal with excess? 
- Can you share your resources with intention rather than hoarding them?

- Does your dream serve only yourself or include others?

Eight of Pentacles
In addition to the eclipse opposing Pluto, we also have seen Venus move into Virgo this week, coming into a loose grand earth trine with Saturn & Uranus. The first decan of Virgo is represented by the 8 of Pentacles, where we see a man turning his back on the world to toil away at his chosen craft. He is an artisan, and perhaps a bit of a perfectionist. He is singularly focused, perhaps at the expense of the rest of his life. Venus is said to to be in it's “fall” or “depression” traditionally. She's playing a role that is uncomfortable or ill-suited to her. While Venus harmonizes, accepts and unites, Virgo's mercurial role separates, analyses and sometimes, criticizes. Virgo wants to discard what isn't working, perfect what is. Be careful not to get fixated on the details of your dream in the coming weeks. Saturn will require staying focused on the big picture, delaying gratification and taking responsibility. At the same time, Uranus may ask you to be innovative in your approach and how you utilize the resources necessary to complete the task. Above all a practical, measured approach will serve you best. Patience, perseverance and reflective consideration will be the keys. 


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