Tracking Moon Transits

The Moon, aka: Luna, Selene, Sin or Chandra. She is the goddess of changing face. The fickle queen of the night sect. As the fastest moving body in the heavens, the silver luminary gives us the unique opportunity to measure the quality of time and test our findings daily. Tracking Moon transits is one of the most effective ways to see how certain patterns and energies play out in the natal chart with the benefit of immediacy. Outer planet transits can take months or even years to manifest, but Moon transits pass in the span of hours and days. Generally we experience these fast-moving lunar contacts as passing moods or minor irritations, but often the moon will also act as a trigger. Like a revolving music box cylinder, Luna becomes the pin that strikes the tuned planetary teeth of the natal chart, unleashing the promise it holds within it.
 In addition to tracking energetic peak points such as the new, full, first and last quarter phases, it can be helpful to keep a running log of when the Moon is making a Ptolemaic aspect (trine, sextile, square, & opposition) or a conjunction to one of your seven traditional planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon) and journal on both the internal and external events of the day. Is the Moon opposing Mars today? Did it trigger some sort of conflict? What area of your chart is emphasized by the transit? Look to the houses in question for clues. Did the moon trigger a 2nd / 8th house disagreement about how to share or distribute resources? Did a 3rd / 9th house placement ignite a controversy surrounding an established belief system and your personal relationship with the divine? House pairs in general have complimentary and yet opposing meanings that can come into sharp focus if the Moon is triggering a personal planet by opposition. The opposition is said to have the nature of Saturn, so feelings of blockage or restriction may accompany this aspect, as well as a need for compromise.

The square is said to have the nature of Mars, and when Chandra shines its light on a personal planet by square, there can arise a tension that may have you feeling “out of your element”. Whole sign squares highlight the differences in elemental triplicity while retaining a similar quality of energetic seasonal modality. For example a transiting Taurus Moon making contact with a Leo placed planet in your chart may ignite a stubborn, immovable fixed stand off in whatever area of life (house or place) those planets are manifesting, while reflecting the topics both planets are responsible for. In the case of Earth and Fire, perhaps a struggle between a desire to take action runs headlong into a need for patience and practicality. The point is to play with these connections and start to integrate them into your daily awareness.

While it may be human nature to possess a more acute memory for the painful experiences of life, it's important to learn to recognize the times of easy flow and find gratitude for harmonious contacts. Sextiles and trines from the passing Moon, aspects of the nature of Venus and Jupiter respectively, can often skate by unnoticed due to their lack of drama. Take time to notice the ease you experience in these placid times, and see if you receive assistance or benefits. Conjunctions with benefic planets can often signal an influx of good fortune.

Here are some considerations when tracking your personal Moon transits:

  1. The condition of the natal planet that is contacted matters. Is it a benefic or a malefic planet? Is it of the sect in favor or playing by the rules of the opposing planetary political party? Your subjective experience of the transit may be significantly altered by sect status. A nighttime Saturn in a temple of its detriment (Leo or Cancer) contacted by the Moon may feel much more limiting and restrictive than if your personal Saturn rejoiced as a member of the daytime sect in a sign that it ruled (Capricorn or Aquarius). 

  2. Pay attention to house placement and accidental dignity. Is the contacted planet in question in a favorable house to the native? Does that house make a Ptolemaic aspect to the ascendant? The most challenging house placements are ones that are in Aversion or in a blindspot, in relationship to the ascendant, these would be houses 2, 6, 8, & 12. Learning the traditional meaning of the houses will give you a leg up on getting an objective viewpoint as to what themes will be illuminated. 

  3. Look at the transits of your loved ones. Is that Moon – Mars opposition in your chart triggering a Moon- Sun square in your partner's? If so, that time frame may be rocky. A little bit of foreknowledge can make all the difference. You may not be able to completely avoid the circumstances, but you may make a better, more thoughtful response in the moment if you know in advance that you might not be at your best that day. 

  4. Track the collective Moon transits. In addition to tracking your own Moon transits, it can be helpful to see what the Lunar “weather” is like for the masses. Will your boss be a in a good mood today with a Moon – Jupiter trine or would it be wise to steer clear during a collective Moon – Saturn opposition? Is the universal energy increasing with a waxing moon or are we feeling a collective fatigue at the end a of a waning cycle as Selene prepares to start anew?

  5. Keep a journal. Moon transits are some of the easiest to track due to their regularity and monthly recurrences. You may not recognize the oncoming conflicts the first time through the cycle, but after keeping a record month after month, you may start to see the habitual patterns that we often times fall into unconsciously. Shining light on these deeply ingrained customs may be the awareness you need to gracefully navigate a difficult character trait or circumstance that could be controlling your life. 

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