Happy Blue Moon!

This morning at 7:12am, we experienced a true Blue Moon, aka the second Full moon of the month in the same sign, this time at 29º Libra.  This Jupiter ruled decan of Libra corresponds with The Four of Swords in the Rider-Waite and shows an effigy of a knight with his hands clasped together in prayer. Perhaps it points towards a period of rest, the calm within the storm and a break from our usual cares and worries.

Shortly after the full moon, we run headlong into a Moon opposition with unpredictable Uranus. Remember, not all surprises have to be bad! Can you ride the wave today and embrace the reflected liberating light of the Promethean fire-giver? How can you relax into the changes that are occurring now?

Mercury has also begun to dry out this week as he charges into the tropical fire sign of Aries after a long slog through emotional Pisces. Clarity should begin to reemerge and we may be ready to take action on the dreams that surfaced during Mercury's journey through the liminal waters of the fish.

Tomorrow, a few more planets are on the move.  The Sun leaves active exalted Aries and saunters into fixed earth Taurus, while Venus exits her place of honor in Pisces, losing dignity in the Mars ruled fire sign of Aries. This adds a simultaneous downshift to everyday life, but could add some impatience with the process. It's like hitting the gas and the brakes at the same time. Recognize that Venus now is playing by Mars's rules, so watch out for pursuing something aggressively that may be easier to obtain if you let it come to you instead. 

Blue Moon Discount Code

In celebration of today's Blue Moon, I am offering a 10% discount on all readings until the next new moon on 5/4. To set up your reading and redeem your discount, put the code BLUE MOON in the subject line and email me at: smichaud80@gmail.com

Let's surf the Uranian wave together and make a plan to make the most of this new growth cycle of spring! As always, I offer readings in person or via video conferencing. Please send your birth date, time, city, and a few 
focus questions to get us started. : )

Drop-in Readings at Evenstar's Chalice

Tomorrow, Saturday 4/20, I will be offereing drop-in astrology and astrological tarot readings at Evenstar's Chalice in Ypsilanti from 1-5pm. This is a great opportunity to check in after the full moon, process what has come to light and make a plan for your spring season. Evenstar's also has a wonderful selection of metaphysical supplies, art, and handiworks!

Astrological Readings with Spencer

Evenstar's Chalice
36 N. Huron St.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Hope you are all having a wonderful spring season! : )


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