Weekly Astrology Forecast - Oct. 14-20, 2019

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Blow a kiss to the fist this week as Mars, the god of war and Venus, the goddess of love exchange temples and resources in a condition called Mutual Reception. Both planets are fairly uncomfortable in the signs of their exile, but somehow they are reluctantly making it work. Venus provides the warrior with pillows and perfume to make war during his stay in Libra, while Mars gives the goddess a cloak and dagger in Scorpio to attempt to bring about peace. Expect to potentially benefit from what at first may seem like difficult circumstances. 
Topics discussed include SUN square PLUTO, MERCURY sextile SATURN, MERCURY trine NEPTUNE, MERCURY sextile PLUTO, VENUS sextile SATURN, DISSEMINATING MOON, MORNING STAR MARS, MARS in LIBRA, VENUS in SCORPIO, MUTUAL RECEPTION, TAROT, IV of SWORDS, VI of CUPS #astrology #weeklyforecast #horoscope #libra #scorpio #venus #mercury #pluto 

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