Weekly Astrology Forecast - Jan. 20-26, 2020

Hello there friends,
The diurnal king takes its turn as the Saturnian outsider this week as the Sun makes its annual exile into the fixed air sign of Aquarius. Although we may benefit from the wide-angle lens that comes from journeying beyond the wall, expect the unexpected as Helios makes a disruptive square to a bull-headed Promethean Uranus just as the moon becomes new again. What are you willing to leave behind for the sake of your ideals? What ego death is required to break new ground?

Topics discussed include SUN in AQUARIUS, SUN square URANUS, VENUS sextile JUPITER, NEW MOON in AQUARIUS, MERCURY sextile MARS, VENUS square MARS, TAROT, V of SWORDS, IX of CUPS, VI of SWORDS #astrology #weeklyforecast #horoscope #aquarius #pisces #sun #venus #saturn #jupiter #mars #mercury #uranus #newmoon #tarot 

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