Weekly Astrology Forecast - May 4-10, 2020

Hello there friends,
Gentle steps may be required as our collective cloven hooves try to steer clear of the stinger this week as the moon waxes to fullness in the domicile of the Scorpion and opposes the Taurean Sun. Mercury will make its superior conjunction with the sun, while the great mouth and anus of the cosmos shifts its nodal axis to the sign of the twins and the archer, respectively. The air may feel pregnant with possibility, but still we remain steadfastly in check as three of the seven visible planets prepare for their retrograde station in the month ahead. 
Topics discussed include MERCURY CAZIMI, NORTH NODE in GEMINI, SOUTH NODE in SAGITTARIUS, MERCURY sextile NEPTUNE, FULL MOON in SCORPIO, MERCURY trine PLUTO Rx, MERCURY trine JUPITER, SUN sextile NEPTUNE, TAROT, VII of PENTACLES, I-CHING #astrology #weeklyforecast #horoscope #scorpio #sagittarius #capricorn #aquarius #taurus #gemini #pisces #fullmoon #mercury #saturn #jupiter #mars #neptune #pluto #tarot #decans #iching

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