Decan Walk 2023-2024 - Registration Now Open!

Starting October 2nd, get ready to take your astrological practice to the next level with some of the most rich and meaningful symbols you can add to your divinatory toolkit! The 36 Decans are ten degree divisions of the heavens that trace their origins back as far as ancient Egypt. Each decan is home to a host of fixed stars, gods and goddesses, myths and symbols that will add depth and clarity to all your astrological work. 

From natal readings for yourself, friends, or clients, to insightful divination that will help guide your choices to a fulfilling and connected life, the Decans are a powerful key that unlocks layers of stars and stories. 

Get to know these divine houses and the diverse spirits that inhabit them, with a yearlong, in-depth exploration of this ancient system filled with messages for contemporary life. With a focus on cross-cultural myths, fixed stars, Tarot associations, and the interconnection that powers your own intuition, we'll be embarking on a journey of lived experience, synchronicity, and community.

You'll come away with a new understanding of each of the 12 astrological signs that will help you understand yourself, your loved ones, clients, and even events in your life in a whole new light. Along the way, you'll make amazing friendships as you learn and grow in a supportive community of like-minded seekers. 

This class will draw on the work of Austin Coppock, T. Susan Chang, Demetra George, Liz Greene, and Spencer's own extensive research into ancient texts, as well as present-day mythological scholarship with a focus on ecological and inclusive perspectives. You'll study with Spencer and an intimate small group as you walk the wheel of the year together, learning and deeply experiencing the lessons that each decan has to offer.

  • Meet via Zoom at 1pm ET on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month to go over key concepts.
  • Every session will have plenty of time for questions about personal charts, sharing reflections and experiences, and more. 
  • Stay connected with your fellow students between classes!
  • A safe, supportive space to share.
  • Access to over 30 hours of pre-recorded decanic webinars.
  • Companion workbook filled with journal prompts, key details and space to record your reflections and experiences.
  • Digital decan flashcards to facilitate your learning process.
  • PDFs of all webinar slides.
  • BONUS: Gift certificate for $100 off your next reading with Spencer when you pay in full!!
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the fixed stars, myths, symbols and tarot associations within each of the 36 decans.
  • Spend a year working closely with a supportive group as you move through each decan in the cycle.
  • Embrace an embodied knowledge that will transform your astrological practice.
  • Develop a relationship with this powerful set of symbols and stories as you live in dialogue with them, and discuss your experiences with others on the same journey.
  • Learn concepts rooted in years of deep historical research, study, contemplation and professional astrological practice.
  • Access information from sources that are not always accessible to the public, presented in a dynamic and engaging way.
Ready to say yes to a year filled with magic, synchronicity, and growth? Registration is open NOW.

What people are saying about working with Spencer:
"This workshop was truly incredible. Spencer is unbelievably thorough, exploring astro-mythology, astronomy, tarot, and a wide range of ancient and modern texts that bring the material full circle. It was so refreshing to be in a space with others who are grappling with these themes and growth edges and processes of shedding, death, rebirth, and self-realization. I also greatly appreciated the space at the end to discuss our thoughts and experiences. Given where I am in my personal journey, I felt affirmed, challenged, and seen, and feel that the material will help with my own integration and growth."
- Kai R.

"I love Spencer's work! Always well prepared, knowledgeable, super fun, kind, and such a great reader and teacher! If you are up for a fun and deep dive into the astrology realm Spencer is your guy. It is a delight to study with someone who is so in love and passionate about astrology and shares his knowledge the way Spencer does. I can't recommend it enough :) "
- Andrea A.

"I took Spencer's class on the Scorpio decans and was not disappointed. He is thoughtful, thorough and kind and you can feel his passion and presence in the way he presents his material. He does not lecture, he weaves stories and material in a way that makes me feel intimately connected with the cosmos and the topic he is teaching. He is generous with his time and energy and I felt graciously welcomed into his circle. I expected to learn something new about the topic of Scorpio when I signed up from this class, which was true, but I walked away with a deeper appreciation and connection to a study I've been connected to for years, which was unexpected and moving. Thank you Spencer for offering a safe space to share and learn and for the care you put into your work. I am so grateful to have met you!"

- Hannah K.

If this sounds great, but you're still wondering if it's right for you, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: I know I'll be missing a class or two. Should I still sign up?

A: Definitely! We'll have recordings of every class, and you'll have access to the Discord for questions and further discussion in-between classes.

Q: Can I do a payment plan?

A: Absolutely! Get in touch with me, and we'll figure out a plan that works for you.

Q: I'm not super familiar with the details of Astrology/Tarot/etc. Is this class going to be over my head?

A: All levels of experience and knowledge are welcome in this group journey, and everyone will be learning together. So wherever you're starting from, you're going to get some great info on these topics that will enrich your personal or professional divination practice.

Q: Are there required texts for this class? What if I don't have the book in time for the first class, what should I do?

A: We will be utilizing T. Susan Chang's 36 Secrets as our main text for this class. There will also be a PDF workbook that you will receive before the class begins to help you document your journey. Just sign up and get your text book as soon as you are able to. Our first class we will be getting to know each other a little, and laying the groundwork for our discussions. Even if you don't have your book yet, you'll be just fine! 

Q: I already have some of the required decans webinars from before. Can I only pay for the ones I still need?

A: Yes! Send me an email and we'll get you squared away with a custom registration price that reflects the webinars you've already purchased. Please note that ALL the decan webinars are required to participate.

Please email Spencer at if you have any questions.

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