Weekly Astrology Forecast - March 16-22, 2020

Hello there friends,
The Last Quarter Moon asks us to begin to process the ramifications of recent current events and what our role might be in the new reality. As Mars activates the Capricorn pile-up in the third decan of earthy administrative power, authoritarian impulses may be quickened and corruption exposed. Saturn's ingress into Aquarius gives us a preview of life outside the walls and heralds the beginning of a great epochal shift that could help define the thematic tenor of decades to come. 
Topics discussed include MERCURY in PISCES, LAST QUARTER MOON, MARS in CAPRICORN III, SUN sextile SATURN, SUN in ARIES, ARIES INGRESS CHART, MARS conjunct JUPITER, SATURN in AQUARIUS, MERCURY sextile URANUS, VENUS sextile NEPTUNE, TAROT, IV of PENTACLES, II of WANDS, V of SWORDS #astrology #weeklyforecast #horoscope #pisces #capricorn #aquarius #aries #venus #mercury #saturn #jupiter #mars #neptune #pluto #lastquartermoon #tarot #decans #saturninaquarius

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