Weekly Astrology Forecast - June 8-14, 2020

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Impulses towards sacrifice will be highlighted this week as Mars conjoins Neptune in Pisces while making a square to the Gemini sun. The last quarter moon challenges our unconscious biases and asks us to determine what we will nurture and what needs to be released as we struggle through the labor pains of a new paradigm.

Topics discussed include VENUS Rx in GEMINI I, SUN in GEMINI III, SUN square NEPTUNE, MARS in PISCES III, LAST QUARTER MOON, MARS conjunct NEPTUNE, TAROT, VIII of SWORDS, X of SWORDS, X of CUPS, BLACK LIVES MATTER #astrology #weeklyforecast #horoscope #sagittarius #capricorn #aquarius #pisces #gemini #cancer #lastquartermoon #mercury #saturn #jupiter #mars #neptune #tarot #decans #retrograde #traditionalastrology

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75 Things White People Can do for Racial Justice:

White People 4 Black Lives:

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