Mars Retrograde / Full Moon in Capricorn

Buckle up friends,

Mars, the red planet, associated with will, anger, forward motion, separations, heat & inflammation, will be slowing to a halt today and appearing to turn it's fiery path backwards through the sky at 5:04pm EST at 9º Aquarius. This retrograde motion will bring the warrior planet all the way back to 28º Capricorn through the course of it's nearly two month retrograde cycle, until it finally goes direct on August 27th. What does this mean for you? Well, this particular retrograde happens in the two traditionally Saturn-ruled signs, Aquarius & Capricorn respectively. Some possible manifestations include:
  • amplified anger / frustration due to lack of forward momentum
  • a need to slow down and re-evaluate how you use your will or resolve conflicts
  • a need to process or let go of some part of your life that no longer serves you
  • out of character responses or actions
  • finding a unique or unorthodox solution to problematic situations or circumstances
This retrograde will be in close conjunction with the South Node of the moon (Ketu) which can represent both things from the past that need to be processed, recycled or let go of and circumstances that bring us closer to a spiritual consciousness through loss.


 Ultimately one of the challenges of this Saturn-ruled Mars retrograde will be how responsibly and maturely you can handle the unbridled energy that is simmering below the surface begging for expression. As always, everyone will experience the transiting planetary conditions in a slightly different way or in regards to a different facet of your life. It's always helpful to look at the house which a transit like this will fall. By studying the topics of the house in question, as well as any planets that mars will be contacting, you will gain a much more in depth understanding of what this summer's energy will mean for you. In addition to the south node conjunction, Mars will be making a few grating squares to Uranus in Taurus, the planet of unexpected surprises, liberation & shattering of old paradigms. What are your strategies for handling unexpected stress? How do you let off steam? What can you do to keep yourself in a state of equilibrium, despite the external circumstances of your life? Those will be the questions worth meditating on this summer.

A few thoughts of my own mixed in with some wisdom from some wise friends on how to survive the summer:
  • From Michael Erlewine: Practice Tong-Len or “reaction toning” Create some space between the emotions that arise from the events of your life and your immediate reaction to it. Can you count to ten while taking deep breaths before you respond? Can you observe the feeling that arises in the moment and just notice it, without taking immediate action? Can you release attachment to the feeling, allowing it to wash over you, and then pass away, without getting fixated on it? Can you accept that YOU are not your emotions or even your thoughts, but perhaps something more eternal?

  • From Adam Sommer: Ground yourself! Reduce inflammation through earthy root-like vegetables such as beets, or cooling leafy greens . Mars brings excessive HEAT, so make sure you are drinking enough water and keeping your constitution cool. Go to a lake, a beach or a watery power place! Try Ashwagandha powder, a powerful grounding herbal remedy that will help calm the boiling blood.

  • From Kaitlin & Austin Coppock: For those of you more magically inclined, why not try some potent Mars oil made from the good folks over at Sphere & Sundry? These remedial Mars products were made during the exalted 28º of Capricorn, a very potent time for Mars functioning at it's best. These remediations combined with the proper ritual & prayer might be just what you need to ride the Mars-fueled wave with patience & grace.

  • From ME: Slow down! Life doesn't have to happen all at once. Make time for reflection, write in your journal, go for a walk, connect with nature & your higher self. Evaluate the situation BEFORE spouting off, taking action or starting a fight. Think about the costs involved, think about the other parties perspective, practice empathy. Many problems can simply be solved with the passage of time.
Hopefully that will give some some practical constructive focal points to help you survive the summer. My last piece of advice would be to recognize that whatever you experience this summer is part of a larger cycle of events. Nothing is happening in a vacuum & sometimes we won't understand the real implications of a life-experience until some time into the future. Ride the wave, embrace the mystery! Reserve your judgement.

Full Moon in Capricorn

Immediately after the Mars retrograde begins, we will be experiencing a full moon at 6º Capricorn opposite the Cancerian summer sun at 12:52AM EST on Thurs. 6/28. This particular lunation is in close conjunction with Saturn, the planet of responsibility, structure, and sobriety. The inherent polarity in these two cardinal signs becomes one of flow vs. structure, feelings vs. practicality, subjective sensitivity vs. cold, hard objectivity. As with all full moons, things will be illuminated, the previously unknown will come to light & we will be tasked with making sense of it all and dealing responsibly with what is required of us. You may not feel like it, but harnessing the mature, stoic energy of Saturn will ultimately lead to the best handling of this lunation cycle.

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