Newsletter: UAC 2018 / Astrology 101 Class

UAC 2018 / Astrology 101 Class

Hi Friends!

It's been a whirlwind week as I return from the largest astrology conference in the world, UAC 2018. So many thoughts, but my main take aways are the friendships. There are many more of us out there and it's so inspiring to see everyone in their element speaking a shared language. I made the most of my conference experience which you can get a glimpse in pictures here:

With the Dean of Astrology himself: Robert Hand!

Met many of my heroes, took in more astrology lectures than I could handle & made what I think will be some life-long friends. My second day there I was interviewed by Chris Brennan of the Astrology Podcast! You can watch the full interview here:

Interview with Chris Brennan

I also have started my own youtube channel, Spencer Michaud Astrology, please subscribe to get updates from the channel. I posted my first video with my UAC 2018: Post-Conference Thoughts here:

UAC 2018 Post- Conference Thoughts

Great Lakes Astrology Conference

One of the things I learned at UAC was that it takes a village to put events like this on and if you see an opportunity to help, you should go ahead and make it happen. In that spirit, I have taken on social media duties for the Great Lakes Astrology Conference that takes place right here in Ann Arbor, MI from July 12-18! Follow us on instagram here for more updates:

Come out and connect with your tribe! : )

Astrology 101: Interpreting the Language of the Stars

I am happy to announce my next session of Astrology 101: Interpreting the Language of the Stars. I have many new concepts from UAC to incorporate into my teaching this semester and am excited to explore Western Traditional Astrology with you all. Class begins on Monday from 7:30-9pm, June 18th and runs for 8 weeks (no class July 2nd) until August 13th at the Enlightened Soul Center in Ann Arbor. Click the link below to register:

"Astrology is an ancient art that has helped seekers find clarity about themselves, their relationships & the world around them. When used properly, the birth chart reveals a rich tapestry of symbols that ultimately help us to make better choices as well as find peace in the power of accepting the cycles of change. Join Spencer Michaud for an introduction to western astrology & its symbolic language. In this class, we will discuss astrology's history, its ethics, & its evolving place in our lives & society. We will explore the basic concepts of astrology such as planets, signs, & houses, and also discuss the differences between modern psychological astrology & some newly rediscovered traditional methods from ancient Greece."

Evenstar's Chalice

Join me for drop in readings at Evenstar's Chalice
in Ypsilanti on Sat. June 16th from 1-5pm. Let me know if you'd like to pre-schudule a reading!

Astrological Readings with Spencer

As always, I am available for private consultations over the phone or in person at my studio in Ypsilanti. Let me know if you'd like to set something up. Hope you all are having a wonderful Gemini season!

: )


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