Energetic Principles Podcast #87 w/ special guest Spencer Michaud - Pisces Season 2020

Hello Friends! I am so honored to have recently been a guest on the Energetic Principles Podcast with Melissa LaFara this past week as we discussed the upcoming astrology associated with Pisces season! Be sure to click the link below to listen and support Melissa's work! : ) #astrology #pisces #energeticprinciples #podcast #piscesseason #jupiter

"Welcome to this week’s EP podcast on “Pisces Season 2020” - where special guest, Michigan based professional astrologer Spencer Michaud joins me to cover the slew of transits that will be happening in this more than packed Pisces season! We start with some musings on the sign of Pisces and Jupiter’s involvement there and then dive into a chronological account of how we see the transits going down for this year's mutable water season. We also spend a lot of time looking into the tarot correspondences for significant transit placements, which helped pepper in added insight to what this next 30 day period is likely to look like. We are going through a process of emergence, but first, we have to solidify the goop!"

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