Weekly Astrology Forecast - Feb. 10-16, 2020

Hello there friends,
The flying fish reverses course this week as the winged messenger, Mercury slows to a halt and stations retrograde in Pisces. Communication, commerce and computers could all be on the fritz as HermÄ“s takes a deep dive into the underworld in the sign of his traditional exile / fall. Let go of the oars of your life this week and let the divine course correction happen. The psychopomp can surface both fears and hope from the depths, yet, the nature of delivery may lie in where we choose to focus the eye of the mind. 

Topics discussed include MERCURY in PISCES, MERCURY RETROGRADE, MARS in CAPRICORN, VENUS conjunct CHIRON, MOON UNDER THE BOND, DISSEMINATING MOON, LAST QUARTER MOON, TAROT, IX of CUPS, II of PENTACLES, CONTRA-ANTISCIA #astrology #weeklyforecast #horoscope #aquarius #leo #pisces #capricorn #mars #mercury #mercuryretrograde #moon #lastquartermoon #tarot 

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