Weekly Astrology Forecast - February 3-9, 2020

Hello there friends,
The outsider's perspective is strong this week as the Sun, Mercury and Venus are exiled to lodging contrary to their essential natures. As the moon waxes to fullness in Leo, we are asked to define what we are, possibly through rejecting what we are not. What hill of identity is worth defending and what must be left behind in service of the greater good?

Topics discussed include MERCURY in PISCES, MERCURY RETROGRADE SHADOW, VENUS sextile SATURN, MERCURY sextile URANUS, VENUS in ARIES, FULL MOON in LEO, SYNODIC CYCLES, TAROT, DECANS, II of WANDS, VIII of CUPS, VII of SWORDS, VII of WANDS #astrology #weeklyforecast #horoscope #aquarius #leo #pisces #venus #uranus #mercury #moon #fullmoon #tarot 

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